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Residential Property Insurance/Bad Faith 



Attorney Fees And Expenses 


Case Details

Two very prominent, multi-officed, multi-state, insurance/bad faith lawyers passed on and we got the case well over a year after the claim determination was made. Help was clearly needed so we took the case. The clients suffered extensive damage to their home from Hurricane Harvey in the Port La Vaca area. Our clients were left with an inhabitable home due to water that blew in through the closed windows flooding their home. They were displaced and were forced to file suit. Damage progressed as mold formed due to the moisture causing the house to be gutted. The insurance company then claimed that we prejudiced their investigation. After a long and tumultuous journey, we were able to recover through litigation, documents that they withheld – in between adjusters – proof that our client got the run around. After depositions, 3 weeks before trial, the insurance company settled for $100,000. Their offer was never more than $25,000 before settlement.

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