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Car Wreck /

 Wrongful Death



Attorney Fees And Expenses


Case Details

The car wreck occurred on February 13, 2018 on a two lane highway, one lane in each direction. One defendant was driving in the northbound lane and the other defendant was driving in the southbound lane. My clients’ husband and father was driving behind the defendant who was in northbound lane. Before the wreck, the defendant in the northbound lane fell asleep and drifted into the southbound lane. Will Allan and his team retained experts who downloaded the black box that showed the defendant drifted into the other lane due to her falling asleep at the wheel.  The driver in the southbound lane gave a statement to authorities that there was nothing she could do to avoid the other driver who swerved into her lane. However, through diligent efforts, Will Allan and his team uncovered a 911 recording where this driver was distracted by a dog in her car, and the black bock evidence showed that she had more than 6 seconds to avoid the car that drifted into her lane. The initial collision between these cars caused an impact with my clients’ husband’s car ultimately ejecting him from the driver’s seat despite wearing a seat belt. The collision was so severe that my clients’ husband succumbed to his injuries leaving a widow and young son behind. Will Allan Law Firm and his team secured all possible insurance proceeds within several months of filing a lawsuit.

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