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Premises Liability / Slip And Fall



Attorney Fees And Expenses


Case Details

During the evening hours of December 2017, our client slipped and fell on a dangerous step as she was exiting a business. Six weeks later, our client began to experience headaches and became forgetful. She went to the emergency room where she was diagnosed with traumatic subdural hematoma (traumatic brain injury) and underwent emergency surgery.


Despite the defendant's arguments and position in litigation, and the legal profession's perceived difficulty in successfully representing a slip and fall victim, our team uncovered crucial evidence for our client showing that the exit door leading to the step had been replaced not long before the incident. The design of the new door hid the step from an exiting patron's view. Making matters worse, the step blended with the concrete sidewalk where the step was located. Despite this dangerous condition, the defendant failed to make the step safe or provide any warning signs, adequate lighting or anti-slip material to the step.

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