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Severe storms can seriously damage HVAC systems. Storms bring with them rain, hail, and heavy winds, that pose serious threats to your outdoor air conditioning and heating system.

When hail or flying debris cause damage to your HVAC's condenser unit, it can reduce the unit's ability to dissipate heat, reduces efficiency, and can lead to premature failure of the compressor and condenser fans -- leading to higher repair costs down the road and higher electricity bills.    

Your insurance should cover the cost to repair your storm-damaged HVAC units; however, many adjusters fail to even assess this damage when inspecting properties or greatly underestimate the repair costs. 

Our team works with experienced HVAC professionals and experts that can evaluate the extent of your damage and the full cost of repairs you should be owed. Contact us today if your insurance company has failed to fully compensate you for your claim. 

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