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Many building envelope components such as shingles, gutters, fascia, windows, doors, and siding can be damaged by significant winds. Wind buffeting—the rapid change in direction or speed of wind—can, and often does, cause such building components to fail well below their design or wind speed ratings.


Heavy winds also move debris—like rocks, tree branches, or your neighbor’s patio furniture—which can at times be even more damaging than the wind itself.


When these components fail, wind-driven rain can enter your home causing additional damage to the interior of your property.


Some results of wind damage—such as water entering your home—are easy to spot. But others can be difficult to discern to the average home or business owner. Our experienced attorneys work with numerous experts to help determine the full extent of wind damage to your property.


The longer wind damage remains un-repaired, the more additional damage can occur. If your wind claim has been denied or underpaid, contact us now for a free case evaluation.