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Lightning can cause catastrophic damage to the exterior, interior, and contents of your home or business. A devastating fire can result from a single lightning strike. A lightning strike can also produce an electrical surge that damages equipment, appliances, electronics, phone systems, and electrical infrastructure and fixtures. Your insurance company may fail to provide coverage for the entire scope of lightning damages to your home or business. When left un-repaired, lightning damages can become dangerous. As a result, you could be displaced from your property and forced to endure significant loss of revenue to your business.


Compared to other losses that are easily recognized, lightning is unique because it is not always immediately detectible and assessing the resulting damage is challenging. The lightning damage may be much more significant than it initially appeared. Often, expertise is required to fully identify and measure the resulting lightning damages and to secure insurance coverage for all such damages. Our experienced attorneys work with numerous experts to help identify and determine the full extent of lightning damages to your property. Contact us now so we can go to work for you.

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